Wood Working
Exceptional trees for exceptional wines
Within the bottle’s depth,
                                                                   the wine’s soul sang one night
Charles Baudelaire


Our highly skilled stave makers take scrupulous care of the selected logs that are first cut into bolts and then hand-split first into halves, then quarters, and finally into dressed timber and stave wood before being crafted by the markers, sawyers, splitters, edger tender & graders.

SOGIBOIS strongly upholds the time-honoured tradition that requires this work to be done by hand. However the tools themselves have developed over time with the same ultimate aim of providing the tool best suited to the worker’s hand and the staves.

We are as exacting and uncompromising with ourselves as our customers are with us. Each work station, every detail of the stave is controlled to make sure it has the exact “ring” to it. The finely crafted cask wood is then carefully stacked in the sunshine of the stave yard, where it is air-dried for 36 months.

The drying period allows the rough staves to achieve the full maturation required to be later fashioned into voluptuously curved, chamfered and sanded staves by master coopers.


Our customers have worked with us for years and know that SOGIBOIS offers only the very best split barrel wood made in France.

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