Sogibois has explored the finest oak forests in France for more than 25 years. The perfect conditions of the forests allow the trees to grow slowly and regularly and gradually acquire that tight-grained structure that will later impart those subtle and delicate tannins that all the wine terroirs in France perpetually seek. Countless inspections of forests and plots over the years have enabled us not only to gain in-depth knowledge of the best sources but also and especially to offer our customers a selection of very high quality wood.
Come rain or come shine, time and time again, in an equilibrist act on the boles, we leave nothing to chance to assess the characteristics of each tree.
This knowledge of standing or felled timber is both invaluable and fundamental being the key to a manufacturing process that requires faultless stave-grade wood.
Oak trees are harvested only during dormancy, the period when the trees are resting, between October and March. Sogibois thus accumulates sufficient stock to ensure consignments to customers all the year round. To fill the gap between seasons, SOGIBOIS has created a log conservation system to protect the wood’s potential against the effects of time until it is used for production.

Just like a passport, the identification badge placed on the base of each log testifies to SOGIBOIS’s total and daily commitment to product traceability throughout the chain of custody, from the forest (origin, date, dimensions) to the production of rough staves several months later.
To ensure the long-term survival of its source material, Sogibois obtained the Pan European Forest Certification (PEFC) in February 2006 to guarantee the sustainable management of its source forests.

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