The leading stave mill in France

The Sogibois stave mill was founded in April 1981 in Salignac on a 4ha site. The company has two workshops and employs just over 50 people.

Our knowledge and professional experience of stavewood, our close working relationship with coopers as well as the expansion of the industry have driven the development and prosperity of the company.

In the early years, we worked mostly with local cooperages in Bordeaux (wines) and Cognac (spirits). Since then, we have developed new markets in the main winemaking regions in France and internationally.

Sogibois was acquired by Demptos Cooperage in Saint-Caprais-de Bordeaux in January 2000, becoming its main supplier.

Since the acquisition, the company pursues its development to continue providing prime quality rough staves to its customers in France and abroad.
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